Most important lessons I learnt – Thanks to the children I work with

Its been more than 17 years since I started working with children with special needs. It started with the first child with Down’s Syndrome who took admission in my inclusive school in Ahmedabad. Since then it has been a long journey working with kids with autism, learning disability, ADHD, speech issues – they have taught me more than anything else.

It has taught me the importance of trust. A child who is oblivious of the tough challenges that life has to offer, shows an initiative to learn important skills you introduce just because he/she trusts you.

It has taught me how important it is having the right people around you. I have seen these children do wonders as soon as they are supported by the right people.

It has taught me the value of patience. One just needs to have patience when a child with special needs is taking time to learn a new behaviour or a skill. If you give up too soon, you will never experience how much potential a child holds. Parents who are too eager to see improvements and expect too much too soon often get disappointed.  

It has taught me the value of unconditional acceptance. One just needs to stop judging and disapproving something  they are not comfortable with. The moment you start accepting the child unconditionally, the child gets comfortable in believing you. You can then help the child in engaging in productive behaviour.

It has taught me the value of happiness. Challenges and problems can sometimes surround you with stress and anxiety. I have experienced children face a lot of anxiety when they are not comfortable in an environment or when people around them burden them with heavy expectations. This always leads to regressing productivity. Just give a happy environment to the same child and see how it transform the level of productivity.

I have learned all this and so much more. These are the qualities and skills which I aim to inculcate in my team. Our employees are chosen based on their aptitude and demonstration of these above qualities in their personality. 

Fortunately my team and myself have had the privilege of working with so many children with special needs. We feel proud to have made a positive difference in their lives and their parents valuing our services. We hope to have more such like minded people in our team so that we can serve many more children reach their true shine.


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