FAQ - Here we have answered some questions that prospective clients frequently ask

Why would our child need a Shadow Teacher?

A lot of inclusive schools demand that a child with special needs be accompanied by a shadow teacher during school hours. Our shadow teachers facilitate the child in behavioural, academic & social communication at school. School is an extremely important part in any child's life, therefore it is crucial to build skills in that environment.

How are home sessions better than sessions at clinic?

For any child, his/her home is a comfortable environment. By making a few changes where sessions take place, it can become a conducive place to take behaviour modification, remediation and/or counselling sessions.

How can we ensure that our child is getting the best service possible?

We pride in our communication with our clients. We will officially email you the summary of each session before end of day. This way we open a platform to monitor, discuss and amend strategies as per the need of the situation.

Our child has concerns coping with classroom academics. Just special education is not enough. What can we do?

We understand this concern because a lot of parents face it. Which is why we have formulated strategies which combine special education and school curriculum. This helps boost the child's academic performance and boosts confidence.